Our Niche

At Old School Rebuilders, llc, we specialize in additions, remodels, and repairs. All of our projects, since our company’s inception in 2004, have involved work on existing homes. Our attention to detail, construction scheduling, project management, cleanliness, and customer relations set us apart from other companies. While we are licensed, have experience, and are capable of new construction and custom home building, we prefer to work on existing homes for a number of reasons:

  • We feel that in New Hanover County, the days of new homebuilding are relatively limited. Like in Cape Cod and other coastal areas that are built-out or geographically isolated by water, there is very little new construction. All construction is either tear-down/rebuilds, additions, or remodels. We feel this is the future of construction in New Hanover County, particularly where we like to work—in the middle of the county—between downtown and Wrightsville Beach, and north and south of Wrightsville Avenue no more than a couple of miles.
  • Philosophically, we feel that we already have enough houses in New Hanover County. Developing another tract of land leads to less green space. The houses that are here already are certainly worthy of upgrades or additions, rather than undertaking new construction in another part of town, bringing new infrastructure to that tract, and leaving behind a house or location perfectly capable of a new life.
  • We enjoy working closely with customers on their project and ensuring that their project is completed on schedule and beyond their expectations. They already love their neighborhood, they love their house enough to want to stay in it, and they love the times they have spent in the house making cherished memories. It is always an honor for us to work in these homes, and to make them better.